C++ Hot Reloading / Scripting

Productivity and Performance, be more competitive

Few programming languages were created with the purpose of boosting the productivity of development. In 1993 LUA appeared, and is perhaps the most appreciated scripting language. LUA enabled developers to build the mechanic of games without reloading a scene or long building times. These functionalities also exist in JavaScript and C#.

C/C++ is the language of choice for most video-game developers focused on performance. However, C++ is not a complete solution and struggles with fast developing game mechanics and non-reusable code between projects. Using an alternative language to C++ will affect performance and quality of your products. Currently, the solution to boosting the productivity of development and ultimately reducing the development cost is by deploying one of those scripting languages in the market which can affect performance and quality.

But what if you don’t need to sacrifice the performance and quality and have the same benefits?


  • Exchange your scripting language for C++
  • Boost your performance
  • Reduce your budget


  • Use C++ to grow the performance
  • C++ service based server
  • Empower the HTML5 Ui of your game


  • Integration Examples
  • Direct support with developers
  • We help you to integrate the middleware

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